For more than 20 seasons Faith Partners has invigorated sacred music and reintroduced composers into settings where they have historically flourished. Two composers have been selected annually to collaborate with diverse faith communities to create new works reflecting the religions and regions they serve. As a result, participating composers gain multiple performances and develop new audiences. Funded by the Otto Bremer Trust, this program currently serves communities where Bremer Banks are located.

Faith Partners Update (September, 2016): The Faith Partners program and applications for new composers are both currently on hiatus while this program undergoes re-visioning. Current residencies (listed below) will continue, but no new residency cities are planned for 2017-18. ACF encourages interested composers to have input in the re-visioning process.

Victor Zupanc

Rochester, MN: Victor Zupanc, Composer

Christ United Methodist Church; 400 5th Ave SW; Paul Kosower, Director of Music and Elizabeth Macaulay, Pastor

B’nai Israel Synagogue; 150 7th Ave SW; Steve Greenberg, Cantor and Michelle Werner, Rabbi

Gary Ruschman

Baxter/Brainerd, MN: Gary Ruschman, Composer

Lord of Life Lutheran Church; 6190 Fairview Rd, Baxter; Sarah Aamot, Senior Choir Director and Steven Rye, Senior Pastor

First Congregational United Church of Christ; 415 Juniper St, Brainerd; Diane Hauan, Choir Director and Leslie Moughty, Pastor

In MN, WI, ND and SD, Faith Partners is funded by the Otto Bremer Trust.

Cary John Franklin
Craig Carnahan
Carl Witt
Becky Dale
Anne Kilstofte
Wynn Anne Rossi
Sergey Khvoshchinsky
Robert Morris
Randall Davidson
Mona Lyn Reese
Marty Haugen
Linda Tutas Haugen
Layton James
Joan Griffith
Janika Vandervelde
Jay Huber Gordon
J. David Moore
David Evan Thomas
Linda Kachelmeier
Denice Rippentrop
Ralph M Johnson
Thomas J. Porter 
George Maurer 
A. Eric Heukeshoven