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    Karen Naifeh Harmon

    Karen has recently earned her degree in Music Composition for Film, TV and Video Games through the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Influences include Gypsy, Irish, Flamenco, fusions with Classical, Tango, Blues, Fiddling & other creative songs.

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    William J. Nicholson, Jr.

    Specialist in Vocal Music, Orchestra, Musical Theatre, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Chamber Music, Graded Music, Concert Band, Guitar, Piano.

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    Network for New Music

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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    Brian Nabors

    Music removes the illusion that we are somewhat too different to find commonalities. In my work, I seek to inspire hope. I seek to inspire change. I seek to inspire the best out of my listeners. I seek to engineer a journey of imaginative proportions; a colorful fantasy of my listener’s choosing. What inspires me most of all is music’s penetrative ability TO inspire. As artists, we use the gift of music to confirm what our emotions tell us about life, our experiences, and the world around us. Music not only brings to life the best and worst of our experiences, but amazingly, inspires us to think higher, reach further, & dream bigger, leading us to incredible advancements that change the face of mankind. It is with that fact that my main goal as an artist is not merely to entertain, not simply to soothe the soul, but ultimately, beyond all else, to inspire.

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    Ruben Naeff

    Educated in both mathematics and music and recently employed as an economist, Ruben Naeff (1981) finds himself in an attempt to comprehend the world and set it to music

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    Donald Nally

    Conductor of The Crossing: new music in Philadelphia; Director of Choral Organizations, Northwestern University.

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    Sheli Nan

    SHELI NAN is a composer, author, teacher and performer who has the unique ability and skills to understand the aesthetics of both the Baroque world of music and the contemporary world of music

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    Paul Nasto

    A composer and arranger of all forms of music, instrumental, choral, solo, and ensamble, in all genres including classical, modern, jazz, new age, and broadway.

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    Craig Thomas Naylor

    Kalispell, Montana