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    Paul Gillespie

    Seattle, Washington

    Musician, Composer, and Music Educator

  • Profile picture of Daniel L. Gilliam

    Daniel L. Gilliam

    Composer in Louisville

  • Profile picture of Michael J. Glasgow

    Michael J. Glasgow

    An award-winning composer and conductor who truly loves aural textures, Glasgow's music is fresh (but not too weird!).  Choral, orchestral, handbells, musical theatre.  Commissions accepted.

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    Dmitri Glickman

    Glickman's music has often been described as "fresh", "haunting", "protean" and "beautiful". He has been featured on as well as several California Summer Music concerts in venues such as Weill Hall - Green Music Center.

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    Noah Godard


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    Daniel Strong Godfrey

    Daniel S. Godfrey is founder and co-director of the Seal Bay Festival of American Chamber Music (on the Maine coast) and is co-author of <I>Music Since 1945</I>, published by Schirmer Books. An all-Godfrey, all-string quartet CD was released in Febru

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    Mario Godoy

    Oakland, California

    Composer/Saxophoninst/Sound Designer/Educator

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    Volker Goetze

    New York, New York

    Volker Goetze's work transcends traditional norms. His research doesn't start with recordings or books but begins by actually traveling and spending time in places of interest and seeking out the local master musicians. He believes in learning by doing and establishing personal connections.

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    James A. Goins

    James is a Concert, Film, and Theatre Composer and Director. He enjoys creating new and challenging music for theatre, films, and new media.