In the key of now

In The Key of Now

Connecting Composers with Communities

New music thrives best when it takes root in an audience of passionate listeners. From local arts councils to church congregations, when we place composers in residency with community groups, inspiring things happen!






Providence String Quartet at Community MusicWorks, Providence,RI

Fostering Artistic Development

Wherever your musical journey takes you, we offer our support with a rich variety of programs, services and opportunities that connect composers with audiences and fellow artists.






Composers Aaron Kernis and Kathryn Salfelder at the Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute

Photo by Greg Helgeson

Inspiring Students with Fresh Music

Few experiences can captivate young minds and open new doors of discovery like the power of music. We bring composers, educators, students and communities together through the transformative process of musical creativity.







Minnesota Boychoir
Photo by Jim Nihart

At the Heart of Musical Discovery

It’s that moment when the notes seem to magically fall into place. When sound takes the express route from the ears to the soul. Since 1973, the American Composers Forum has been all about sharing those epiphanies.