The New Conductors Orchestra was formed to provide a platform for young, prospective professional conductors to hone and showcase their talents on a New York podium. We also have provided the same showcasing of young, prospective professional composers. Our previous call for scores in 2022 yielded two years of stellar concerts featuring 9 winners of our call. We are opening again our search for our 2025 and 2026 ‘new composers’ concerts, our 2nd cycle of our three-cycle concert schedule. You are welcome to repeat a submission of a work from our previous call that was not selected, without prejudice.

CONCERT: February 22nd and 23rd, 2025


RESTRICTIONS: All composers are welcome to apply, and submissions from composers of color, women composers, and other groups historically underrepresented in classical music are especially encouraged. In your introductory letter, we invite you to share information about communities and/or groups to which you belong. For example, you could describe the role your work serves in your community’s social, cultural, or civic ecosystem. Your communities can be defined by (among other things) shared geography, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, (dis)ability, income, ideology, or intellectual heritage.

Further, while we have no age restrictions, we are looking to showcase composers in their early- to mid-career stages – preferably with several works having been published and performed prior at a strong amateur level, e.g. college ensemble or festival. Submissions need not be for premiere performances.

INSTRUMENTATION: NCO is a full section, traditional symphony orchestra. Here is a sample instrumentation.
3 Flutes (1 dbl. Piccolo)
3 Oboes (1 dbl. English Horn)
3 B-flat Clarinets (1 dbl. A, E-flat, or bass clarinet)
2 Bassoons
4 Horns
3 Trumpets
3 Trombones
1 Tuba
Timpani + 3 Percussionists
No Harp
Strings (8-8-6-6-3)

Winds and brass are fully capable of doublings, although stresses on the extremes (contrabassoon, eg) can be difficult. Full divisi is available in the strings, but Piano and especially Harp can also be a difficult addition. But it is in the percussion that most of the restrictions exist. Specialty percussion equipment must be rented and this can stress our budget. Therefore, we must limit the use of exceedingly varied percussion requirements. One or two of these are OK, but more can be an issue with cost: (celeste, marimba, 5 or more timpani, bells, xylophone, gong, multiple cymbals, etc.)

LENGTH AND TYPE OF WORKS: Our orchestra is at a very high amateur level – difficulty of the works will not be an issue. We are primarily interested in works between 5-15 minutes. Symphonic works are most welcome, but we will also consider full brass or winds ensemble pieces of at least 12-16 unique parts. Do not be afraid to send what you feel is your best work even if it exceeds these guidelines.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please include a recorded performance of the piece or a MIDI mockup in addition to the score – this will make the selection process immensely easier for the multiple people who will be asked to help in our selection process. Also include your CV and other composing and performance information on .pdf files if at all possible. We will be selecting at least two works and possibly three, dependent upon their collective length.

Performances will be recorded and composers are welcome to use copies of the recordings for non-commercial purposes. We would very much like the composers of our selections to be at the concerts for performance although this is not required for selection. Although we cannot promise full reimbursement for travel expenses, will try our best to have these composers in house to personally accept the applause of our appreciative audience.

We have established a google sheets link for all submissions here:

Thank you for your submissions!
New Conductors Orchestra