be · long · ing | n. a close or intimate relationship

Composers and other creative artists are unique, with their own personal journeys and forms of expression. ACF strives to create a space that is inclusive of individuals or groups who create and/or organize original sound and listening experiences. Our respect for each artist’s intrinsic value is demonstrated by how we recognize, support, and amplify their compelling stories.

We see ACF as a space of inclusivity as we move from a membership organization to an artist services and advocacy organization. We seek to be a connector and convener for this vibrant and diverse ecosystem to which we belong. We hope to deepen our relationship with you and provide opportunities for you to deepen your relationship with one another.

You belonging is essential to the success of this ecosystem.

What does it mean to belong to ACF?

Unlike a card or a button or a blazer or a hat, belongingness is perhaps less tangible. It can certainly be felt, this sense of belonging, when someone is advocating for you, when someone is able to answer a pressing question, when someone gives you support in challenging moments, when you can grow together with someone with whom you share the same values, when you can have respectful conversations about disagreements. ACF strives to deepen relationships with creators and listeners in the hope that this sense of belongingness vibrates throughout this ecosystem.

You belong to an organization founded in 1973 by Libby Larsen and Stephen Paulus for the purpose of creating performance opportunities outside the academic setting.

You belong to an organization that for 45 years has been dedicated to its members, providing granting programs, readings, salons, conferences, and residencies that support the creation of new work and connect composers to communities. 

You belong to an organization that has its eyes on the future, evolving to meet the needs of our ecosystem in an everchanging landscape for the arts. We advocate for living composers and music creators today. We aim to consistently connect the relevance of your music, stories, and collaborations to and for our shared world with curiosity and empathy.

You are from both urban and rural areas; creators working in virtually every musical genre, including orchestral and chamber music, world music, opera and music theater, jazz and improvisational music, electronic and electro-acoustic music, and sound art.

You may be…

creative · curious · equitable · courageous · authentic · empathetic · anti-racist · community-oriented

You are a…

creator · listener · advocate · backer · promoter · champion · defender · upholder · campaigner · believer · helper · ally · voter · member · contributor · donor · benefactor · sponsor · patron · subscriber · friend

You belong.