The Digital Resources page is dedicated to creating equitable access to resources that allows everyone to build a strong online presence and understand how it works. Its for music creators and institutions that are passionate about equity in the digital music space and want to learn more about this fast changing world. You will find curated digital tools, platforms, and training opportunities, ensuring everyone has access to information. Explore our resources that include written articles, a digital web-series and webinars.

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Web series | “Digital Harmony: Music Creation in a Digital World”

“Digital Harmony: Music Creation in a Digital world” is a web series designed with a composer centric focus to help music creatives and their advocates navigate the complexities of the digital world.

Digital Harmony: Music Creation in a Digital World

This introduction to the series gives a brief overview of digital considerations when navigating you career as a music creator. It explores websites, social media engagement, streaming services and more.

Music Streaming Quick Tips | Hosted by Mike Warner

Streaming expert Mike Warner shares some quick tips to elevate your digital presence via streaming services.

Mechanical Licensing & Royalties | Hosted by Serona Elton

Serona Elton explains the various aspects of U.S. mechanical licensing and royalties including which rights under copyright law are involved, the difference between a voluntary vs. compulsory license and much more!

Recorded Webinar: Using Digital Spaces to Connect With Your Local Communities

Regardless of what stage of your career you may be in, connecting with your local community is essential. This webinar will explore how to leverage digital platforms and spaces to build connections and foster a stronger sense of community with your audience.

Featured Speaker: Dana Sikkila is a Minnesota-based interdisciplinary maker and creator. Named one of the most well-known creative leaders of Southern Minnesota, Sikkila’s practices span from working in communities from rural to the Twin Cities.
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