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At ACF, we strive to provide music creators at all stages of their artistic lives with valuable resources for professional and artistic development. Music creators are unique, with their own personal journeys and forms of expressions. ACF is committed to sharing resources that support artists from a full range of musical approaches and perspectives, backgrounds, and creative stages—wherever you are in your artistic journey, we’re here to help you.

On this page, you’ll find a range of resources to help you in your musical practice. Explore the categories on the left for resources including tips on finding collaborators, connecting with an audience, fundraising and grant writing, licensing and copyright, and more.

Below are FAQs that ACF staff have received from music creators and those looking to commission an artist. If you’d like to speak with a staff member about finding a resource, visit our Help Desk to submit an inquiry.

Are You Looking to Support, Commission, or Collaborate with an Artist?

If you are seeking to commission an artist or are looking for other ways to support their work, we can share our experiences, resources, and help get you connected. 

  • My organization is looking for a fiscal sponsor. Do you serve as a fiscal sponsor for organizations?
  • Our organization is considering creating a program for music creators. What are the best practices? 

Are You a Music Creator Looking for Resources? 

Frequently asked questions from artists include: 

  • How can I promote my work?
  • How can I connect with collaborators in other disciplines (dancers/directors/videographers)?
    • Contact our Help Desk, and we’ll help you get connected.
  • I’ve been asked about my commissioning fees. How do I determine my pricing?
  • I live in an area without resources for composers. How can I stay connected?
    • Visit our Help Desk and we’ll help you get connected!

Visit the Help Desk

Are you looking for a specific resource? Visit our Help Desk to submit an inquiry.

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