Mosaic is a representation in sound of the varied qualities each of us possesses and contributes to the whole of our society. As a kaleidoscope of various musical elements coming together, this work evokes a visual of mosaics–tiny tiles individually glued together to create a broader image. It integrates layers of sound with varying meters that feature every instrument in the band.

In the composer’s own words, “Mosaic is a work of many facets and layers. I have put it together in much the same way that a muralist would make a mosaic out of little pieces of ceramic tiles.  In some sense it is like a jigsaw puzzle. Many little pieces of sound are put together to make one big picture. The different meters (7/8, 2/4, 3/4) make for different sizes of musical bits. I also decided to orchestrate this work differently from the usual band work. So, not everyone plays all the time. Percussion players do much more than simply beat time and are often brought in with the specific purpose of helping to “color” the mural.  Many times only certain woodwinds play while others wait their turn to enter and add their “personality” to the mix. To me, the idea of a mosaic also represents a contemporary picture of our world – vast mixes of people of all colors, backgrounds and experiences – who we might find living in any part of the world.”


4-Flute 1
4-Flute 2
5-B flat clarinet 1
5-B flat clarinet 2
2-B flat bass clarinet
4-E flat Alto Saxophone
2-B flat Tenor Saxophone
2-E flat baritone saxophone

3-B flat Trumpet 1
3-B flat Trumpet 2
2-F horn
3-Trombone 1
3-Trombone 2
2-Baritone BC
2-Baritone TC
2-Percussion 1: Temple Blocks, Snare Drum
2-Percussion 2: Guiro, Tom Toms, Snare Drum, Wood Block, Cabasa, Bass Drum
2-Percussion 3: Hi-Hat, Glockenspiel, Slapstick
2-Percussion 4: Wood Block, Vibraphone, Bass Drum
2-Percussion 5: Xylophone, Ratchet, Chimes
2-Percussion 6 : Marimba, Guiro

Meet The Composer

Stephen Paulus (August 24, 1949 – October 19, 2014) was one of the most prolific and successful composers of our time. With over 400 works to his credit, he wrote ten operas, over fifty orchestral works, more than 150 choral works, plus numerous works for chamber ensemble, keyboard, and solo vocal works.

Performers and ensembles for whom he was commissioned to write include Thomas Hampson, Deborah Voigt, Doc Severinsen, Elizabeth Futral, The New York Philharmonic, The Cleveland Orchestra, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, the Berkshire Opera Company, Minnesota Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Friends of Music at the Supreme Court, William Preucil, Robert McDuffie and the Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society, to name a few.

Paulus was a Co-Founder of the American Composers Forum (formerly known as the Minnesota Composers Forum) and was a member of the ASCAP Board of Directors for over twenty years. He was a recipient of both Guggenheim and NEA Fellowships, and his works were recorded on numerous CDs. His works were published by his own publishing company, Paulus Publications, Inc., and also by Schott Music in New York.

About The Premiere

Mosaic was premiered on December 10, 2003 at DeLasalle High School in Cordord, California under the direction of John Christian.