Scalin’ and Wailin’ is a flexible, fun piece written with a differentiated instruction model. Three different difficulty levels meet students where they’re at in their development and allows space for each to grow. This piece is also ideal for educators and conductors looking for “side by side” programming – younger ensembles can all play within the easiest group and more advanced ensembles can play within the more difficult groups, all fitting together in one energetic piece. Celebrate BandQuest’s 20th anniversary with this special release, and find what works for your ensemble!


1 – Conductor
14 – Flute/Oboe 1
16 – Bb Clarinet
4 – Bass Clarinet
4 – Bassoon
8 – Alto Saxophone
8 – Tenor Saxophone
4 – Baritone Saxophone
10 – Bb Trumpet
6 – F Horn
8 – Trombone
6 – Baritone
5 – Tuba
2 – Timpani
4 – Tiangle
4 – Cymbals
4 – Maracas
2 – Glockenspiel
4 – Snare Drum
4 – Bass Drum

Meet The Composer

Thomas Duffy is Professor (Adjunct) of Music and Director of University Bands at Yale University, where he has worked since 1982. In 2017, he was appointed Clinical Professor in the Yale School of Nursing. He has established himself as a composer, a conductor, a teacher, an administrator, and a leader. His interests and research range from non-tonal analysis to jazz, from wind band history to creativity and the brain. Under his direction, the Yale Bands have performed at conferences of the College Band Directors National Association and New England College Band Association; for club audiences at NYC’s Village Vanguard and Iridium, Ronnie Scotts’s (London), and the Belmont (Bermuda); performed as part of the inaugural ceremonies for President George H.W. Bush; and concertized in nineteen countries in the course of seventeen international tours.

Duffy produced a two-year lecture/performance series, Music and the Brain, with the Yale School of Medicine; and, with the Yale School of Nursing, developed a musical intervention to train nursing students to better hear and identify body sounds with the stethoscope. This intervention (the Duffy-Honan Intervention) was awarded the Robert Woods Johnson Innovations In Nursing Award in 2015. He combined his interests in music and science to create a genre of music for the bilateral conductor – in which a “split-brained conductor” must conduct a different meter in each hand, sharing downbeats. His compositions have introduced a generation of school musicians to aleatory, the integration of spoken/sung words and “body rhythms” with instrumental performance, and the pairing of music with political, social, historical and scientific themes. He has been awarded the Yale Tercentennial Medal for Composition, the Elm/ Ivy Award, the Yale School of Music Cultural Leadership Citation and certificates of appreciation by the United States Attorney’s Office for his Yale 4/Peace: Rap for Justice concerts – music programs designed for social impact by using the power of music to deliver a message of peace and justice to impressionable middle and high school students.

About The Premiere

Scalin’ and Wailin’ was premiered by the Yale University Concert Band and the Fair Haven K-8 School band with Daniel Kinsman on April 13, 2018 in New Haven, CT.