Smash the Windows is a vigorous piece full of energy and motion. The work is based on a traditional Irish jig with the same name. Robert Xavier Rodriguez calls the piece a toccata moto perpetuo, the music gradually builds from its quiet beginning to a brilliant flourish that, with sound effects, truly befits the title.


3-Flute 1
3-Flute 2
4-B flat clarinet 1
4-B flat clarinet 2
2-B flat Bass clarinet
2-E flat alto saxophone 1
2-E flat alto saxophone 2
2-B flat tenor saxophone
1-E flat baritone saxophone
4-B flat trumpet 1
4-B flat trumpet 2
2-F horn 1
2-F horn 2
3-Trombone 1
3-Trombone 2
3-Bass trombone
2-Baritone B.C.
2-Baritone T.C.
1-String Bass (optional)
2-Percussion 1: xylophone
2-Percussion 2: glockenspiel
2-Percussion 3: mounted tambourine, maracas
2-Percussion 4: snare drum
2-Percussion 5 (optional): marimba
1-Piano (optional)

Meet The Composer

Robert Xavier Rodriguez was born June 28, 1946 in San Antonio, Texas. He began his musical career studying piano and harmony. In college, he focused on composition and studied with famous composition teachers such as Nadia Boulanger.

Rodriguez’s music is written in all styles and often combines the compositional techniques of various periods in music history including Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque with more contemporary materials. He has had much success with his seven operas and with music written for orchestras.

Rodriguez loves Irish music. As a conductor, he has programmed Irish jigs in concerts. Smash the Windows is an Irish jig that Rodriguez really likes because it is so lively. He used this jig tune in his composition Smash the Windows.

Rodriguez teaches at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is also active as a guest teacher and conductor. His music is published by the G. Schirmer Company.

About The Premiere

Smash the Windows was premiered by the Apollo Junior High School Wind Ensemble in Richardson, Texas under the direction of Robert Straka in Spring 2001.