Anaïs Maviel & The Rhythm Method: listen to the rain

Composer and vocalist Anaïs Maviel returns with composer-performer ensemble The Rhythm Method to present the world premiere of listen to the rain. Approaching listening as performative and performance as meditative, listen to the rain’s instrumentation weaves Afrocentric with Eurocentric music traditions, written and oral. Grounded in the study of the Asian theories of the five elements—rather, dynamic agents—and of the bagua, the […]

New Music for String Trio: Chartreuse

The path to the post-regime music may exhibit one or more of the following features: A balance of space and light. An imbalance of space and light in favor of space. An imbalance of space and light in favor of light. A quaternion utopia that transcends both space and light. A superposition of smooth waves. […]