Jen Shyu’s “Mentorship, Creativity, and an Artist’s Pivot in Times of COVID-19”

Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and dancer Jen Shyu performs and discusses new works influenced by quarantine and the Black Lives Matter movement in her upcoming livestream "Mentorship, Creativity, and an Artist's Pivot in Times of COVID-19," presented by the University of Michigan's Center for World Music Studies as part of its virtual series PERFORMING THE MOVEMENT, […]

Lisa Bielawa – Voters’ Broadcast (Virtual Premiere)

Lisa Bielawa's Voters’ Broadcast is a broadly participatory musical performance meant to “broadcast” the thoughts, hopes, fears, passions, petitions, and questions of a wide spectrum of Americans. Virtual premiere co-presented by the University of Michigan and Kaufman Music Center. Get tickets for the show on Wednesday, October 28 at 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT