Important Update on Artist Profiles 

If you are looking for ACF’s Artist Profiles:

Thank you for being interested in the artists that ACF serves and are in relationship with!

In April of 2020 ACF removed the paywalls to our membership resources in order to help transition to a space of inclusivity. This means that access to all of our services and resources is available for free to anyone who needs them! As part of this effort, as of Monday, March 14 we are moving to a better database system and will no longer administer artist/member profile pages and are working to provide alternatives for folks looking to effectively platform their work and information digitally. If you have an artist profile, please continue reading.

If you are looking for your ACF Artist Profile:

Artist Profiles, previously connected to active memberships and our former payment system, no longer are listed on our website as of Monday, March 14. If you have links to your Artist Profile in other locations, visitors will receive a notice that it is no longer live.

You still can log into your profile to retrieve account information until Thursday, March 31 at 5pm CT via this link: (after you click the link, click “Login” on the top right of the landing page to use your ACF account login credentials gain access to your account.) Contact Haley Olson, Manager of Artist Services, at for assistance if necessary.

We appreciate your understanding during this time of transition, as we move away from our membership structure and change our database system to better support our artistic community in effective and equitable ways. 

Our ultimate goal is to support YOU! Stay tuned for future resources, webinars, and FAQs to help you create and grow your online presence. In the meantime, please check out these existing resources:

Have other questions or ways we can help? Visit our help desk portal!